It’s all marketers are talking about, but why? The advancements in voice search have the industry on edge as it is predicted to be the biggest change in 2019. Specifically related to voice search, this advancement is highlighting details. 

Here are the top 3 impacts of voice search:

1. Featured pieces 

We all enjoy the quick access to information provided by the voices in our phones (Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa), but how does the information get there? Voice search provides answers based on what information is provided to other users. If 50% of searches result in the same featured facts, then this will become a norm across the platform. 

Although digital marketing already focuses on the goal of being featured, the increase in voice search will higher the dependence on features snippets which will in return grow their value. 

This will not happen overnight, but that is exactly why we are bringing this information to you. Marketing teams who are already developing a voice search strategy will be ahead of the game and earn those features. 

Research has shown a 60% increase over the years in voice searches with “Do I need…?” 

2. The power of search

When people utilize the voice search function, they tend to speak in a conversational tone. This is a key component in designing content.  

With this fact alone, your business can modify keyword strategies and optimize content for queries. If not, your website won’t rank high in voice search results. 

3. Position Zero 

For those that don’t know, position zero is a feature provided by Google that implements information above the fold. Google determines the top or the best results and puts them in bullet points for easy viewership. 

If you rank high in position zero you increase the traffic to your site and decrease the likelihood of users only clicking on the first result. 

Researchers believe this surge for position zero to continually increase in value and potential return. 

There are more than one billion searches happening each month. If your company doesn’t pop-up in any of those results, then something needs to change. 

Voice search will become a new standard service for the digital marketing community. Users are engaged with spoken information and would want to hear about deals and promotions from your brand. 

The age of information seeking is still present, but voice search is providing brands with new ways to optimize their content and gain viewership. 

Blue Archer can provide a consultation for your site to analyze and optimize your current content. 

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